Do you need compelling copy for a tricky, technical topic?

I can help.

I specialise at writing copy about technical subjects for a non-technical audience.

Copy that’s easy to understand, credible and clearly explains why they should pick you over your competitors. 

Does that sound like a copywriter you need?


Why I’m different to a standard copywriter

Like with any copywriting project, you first have to understand a topic before you can write about it.

So when it comes to understanding technical subjects, I have two advantages a lot of other copywriters don’t:

1. I’m 1st class honours graduate engineer

2. I worked as design engineer of 7 years

Which means I can better understand your technical topics. And identify what non-technical people look for when making decisions about technical products.

Josh's job performance was very good and reliable at all times. He always found great solutions and had new ideas. Mr. Rose always completed all projects to your fullest satisfaction. He was highly appreciated in our company and from our customers.

Anton Hemetsberger

Owner , Quito Streamlined Engineering (during my time as a design engineer)

It’s always a pleasure and a relief to work with Josh on my projects.

I’ve known Josh since 2015 and he has never failed to provide me with a highly professional and timely support when I have asked for his assistance completing important projects or tasksHe has a passion for ensuring that everyone he works with achieves their goals. Indeed, his support and help has been instrumental for me achieving my professional goals. 

Also, the great work he does has helped me develop and improve my writing and communication skills which are considered fundamental in my career. I am excited to continue working with Josh in the years ahead and to experiment with new ideas and strategies that could help me growing even further in my field. This because Josh is such a wealth of knowledge in a lot of different fields.

I highly recommend him.

Roberta Carluccio

Academic - Italy/Australia

Topics I specialise in.

Like with your business, there’re technical topics I’m more familiar with than others. For example, Engineering, Mechanical, Aerospace and Automotive.

However, I’m happy to discuss all topics for potential projects.

To not waste your time or money, if I feel I mightn’t be the best fit, I’ll tell you upfront and referee you onto a copywriter better suited to your project.

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