Shift your automotive copy into top gear

Who better to write copy about cars than someone who knows cars.

Working in the automotive industry, you know just how diverse the car market is. I know this too.

 As a former automotive design engineer for 7 years (on projects for BMW and GM), I understand what drives people to reach for their wallets when buying their next car.

And as a long-time car lover and advanced driver certificate holder, I get the automotive enthusiast as well.

So, if you want customers putting the pedal to the metal to buy your latest offerings, let’s chat about your next automotive copywriting project.

Cars are becoming increasing complicated.
The doesn’t mean your copy should too. 

A lot of people find these tricky, technical topics intimidating…but don’t worry, I’m not one of them.

As a university trained automotive engineer, I understand the technical concepts.

And as a copywriter, I translate those concepts into killer sales point, creating easy to understand content for a non-technical audience.

Josh's job performance was very good and reliable at all times. He always found great solutions and had new ideas. Mr. Rose always completed all projects to your fullest satisfaction. He was highly appreciated in our company and from our customers.

Anton Hemetsberger

Owner , Quito Streamlined Engineering (during my time as a design engineer)

Josh understood from the very beginning what was needed and exceeded our expectations on delivery. His communication was flawless and professional.

A real pleasure to work with.

Mireia Sánchez Gaya

International Key Account Manager

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